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ZuluZulu #5

PARIS, FR – Last year, I had the opportunity to throw our first OBEY Radio in Paris along side our French Connection, OBEY FR a.k.a. The Greendog Hoodlums. Thanks to the new friends of Coteaux Suisse, I met a young whipper-snapper named Dream Koala (DK) who controlled the crowd during his live set. Since then, he’s been doing shit, grinding and what-have-you. Next week in Paris, he throws his #5 installment of ZuluZulu (brought to you by OBEY FR) at The Social Club in Paris. Through FB, I asked him to get me info on the event, so I’ll cut and paste what he wrote me, just so it’s coming straight from the Koala’s mouth…

DK: “If you could just write something to explain that ZuluZulu is Dream Koala’s residency at The Social Club in Paris and it is to promote the beat scene in France.”

R: “Sure Bud. Who’s playing?”

DK: “Torus – With his “Torus EP” released last year on Sonic Router, the young dutch Joeri Woudstra comes back with the “Yard Sale EP”. He is the kind of guy who takes his sampler and record noises in the nature. His music can start with field recordings and ambiances, then transform into some incredibly heavy beat music full of bass! This is the beatmusic of the future, for sure.


“Ssaliva – François Boulanger (aka Ssaliva/Cupp Cave/Kingfisherg) is that kind of artists, the kind we do love at ZuluZulu, who release audio cassettes. His music is like a time travel, we found ourselves in an retro-futuristic universe, somewhere between Board Of Canada, Flying Lotus and some 80’s tv-show opening music. He already released a cassette on the L.A label “Leaving Records” through Alpha Pup.”


“Dream Koala & Andrea – They (We.. kinda weird talking about myself) are the two rising parisian beat producers at the moment. Usually only doing live-set, they will join to do a Dj Set and make The Social Club shake their booty.”


Hus – He is the dude behind the french best new blog, Utopie Tangible. Officially member of the ZuluZulu Team, he’s going to share his musical culture in actual electronic music and make discover unknown talents.”


R: “thanks… I’ll post soon.”

DK: ” :))) . oh yeah… click here for the event page on FB.

(Qui? or Weee? I pick “Weee.”)