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Women's March Amsterdam

In 2017, Shepard worked with Aaron Huey of Amplifier Art and several artists for a series called ‘WE THE PEOPLE’; an effort to champion appreciation for ethnic, cultural, and religious diversity.


On inauguration day, people across the capital carried ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ posters into the streets, hung them up in windows and pasted them on walls. We continued to see this movement throughout several other rallies around the world that year, including the Women’s March in 2017. In 2022, we still have to march for equal rights for all women.



On March 5th, there will be a Women’s March in Amsterdam. Inspired by the project Amplifier did with Shepard, we contacted Sioejeng, a local artist and fighter for women’s rights to create an illustration. This is our contribution to this very important march and its message. We have printed many copies of Sioejeng’s poster and you are invited to pick one up in our store, or download a high-res version on our website.


Studio Number One also provided a graphic to empower the message of equal rights for women.  


Bring your copy of Sioejeng’s print to the march in Amsterdam or in your town. Put it up in the window or paste them on walls. Take this art in your hands, and start now!


For more information about the march, please visit womensmarchnederland