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Weapons of Choice

Yo. My name is Ayumi. I’m not one to elaborate on my own strange addictions, but nail art is definitely one of them. I have been at it for several years now, and can attest that these japanese gals have a talent with brushes that exceeds 75% of the tattoo game out there. This time around, I was inspired by a good man Anton Szandor LaVey. Satanism isn’t really my thing, but its definitely entertaining to read, and creatively has some good imagery to go off of. Put it this way, if I were a Siberian prisoner, my back would be all sorts of covered in murals from the Divine Comedy. Anyway, ch-ch-check it.

Mika, owner, and long time friend of Kawaii Nails (@kawaiinails) is a creative genius and can execute anything from highly detailed sketches to the damn hieroglyphics on one nail. Here’s a preview of some of the other highlights.

My nails are a different canvas to execute my interests and artwork that I find influential. From Motorhead to Vivienne Westwood and all things strange, this has become a ritual that exceeds any other beauty regiment most people follow. It’s become a lifestyle and I am absolutely absorbed in it. Moreover, they’re great to claw someone’s eyes out if you’re as short and helpless as I am.

Ways to spot me will probably look like something like this.

-Ayumi [ @socialist_ ]