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These Friends 4, THIS Los Angeles Gallery closing

THIS LosAngeles Gallery in Highland Park was founded in 2010 by 4 artists, Aaron Farley, Claire and Jeremy Weiss and Justin Van Hoy. Over the past few years they have hosted a slew of shows by everyone from Travis Millard, Thom Lesner, Bill McRight, Sage Vaughn, Michael Hsiung, and a grip of others. Every year they have hosted a group show called These Friends, possibly the highlight of the year, as you would run into so many old friends and deviants. Tomorrow night marks the end of the gallery with These Friends 4.


 As some of you might know, our good friend and one of the gallery founders, Justin Van Hoy passed away earlier this year. He was such an integral part to the gallery and keeping everything going. For Justin’s service Shepard created an illustration of the man himself to remember him by. After discussion amongst the crew here and with Justin’s widow we decided to run some shirts to have at the show tomorrow night. If you live in the area definitely come by. The offices behind the gallery have been removed, allowing about 3 times more gallery hang space. This should turn out to be a pretty epic send off.