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The Open Road and The Smell of Blood

A good homie of ours and masterful grilled cheese artisan, Glen Porter, has recently started his tour – consecrating European ears with psychedelic sounds. You can stay up to date with his tour here in the next upcoming days.

My name is Ryan Stephenson a.k.a. Glen Porter. I’m a musician and full time mutante picante, hailing from Huntington Beach, CA. I have been blessed to be able to spook up the joint on my European Tour and document it for the fine folks at OBEY. For more info on myself please visit,, find me on facebook under glen porter, or follow me on instagram at glenportermusic, thank you!

On this tour, “The open road and the smell of blood”, I will be teaming up with 2econd Class Citizen w/Kevin Matthews (equinox records).


Our tour dates are:Mar 22. Beim Weissen Lamm, Augsburg, Germany,
Mar 27. Boro, Brno, Czech Republic
Mar 28. Fuga, Bratislava, Slovakia
Mar 30. D-Bochum, Rotunde, Germany
Apr 2. Helsinki Klub, Zürich, Switzerland
Apr 3. Rossli bar, Bern, Switzerland
Apr 5. WIE Badeschiff, Vienna, Austria
Apr 6. Cinematograph, Innsbruck, AustriaIf you like dread laden surf/psych/prog/folk beats drowned with shuddering layers of wailing guitars and volcanic drumming, follow our tour progress here on the obey clothing blog.