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The Lam That Feeds

Last night after work I swooped by the 4th Street Market in Downtown Santa Ana for a one-off special event, curated by some of my life long homies. I first met Chef Aron Habiger and Chef Linh Nguyen years ago in The Crosby (RIP) kitchen.. I must say, we’ve come along way from making Starving Artist sandwiches, taking selfies against a makeshift tinfoil backdrop and doing mushrooms on slow nights. But the end goal is still the same – at the end of the day..we just want to create cool shit with our fam.

Last night’s event was a collaboration of multiple forces – On The Lam & The Hand That Feeds, an endeavor that aims to fulfill the void in primal appetition. Check out some photos from the event below.

Everytime I run into Stephanie I’m greeted with the warmest vibrations. Gorgeous dreadlocks + always smiling = my kinda people

I missed the first two courses because I was running kind of late. The pre-fixe menu consisted of a six course meal with a red or white wine pairing.

Course III: turnips | miso brown butter | black sesame

Course IV: shrimp and banh xeo waffle

Chef Aron, always contemplating new ways to kill shit

Creepstofer Alfaro (Free The Robots) always lurkin

Course V: pho smoked ash crusted lamb | water cress | mint squash puree | beef fat fish sauce vinaigrette

Amazing Pastry Chef, Ashley Guzman is constantly reimagining new ways to flip traditional Filipino desserts

Course VI: sesame polvoron crumble | white miso cheesecake | cara cara oranges poached in caramel | black sesame tuile

Badass indigo aprons provided by Benson & Sons

Of course it wouldn’t be a proper night without a bullshit parking violation ticket.. I’ll just add it to the 20 other ones in my glovebox. Thanks Santa Ana, luhyewtoo<3