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The 13th has a Posse

OBEY was fortuned with good luck this past Friday the 13th. A local tattooer and fiend friend, Cameron North, set up shop in our photo studio and dished out some quick hits to some well inked co-workers, and one for their very first time. History is mixed on why the 13th is meant to be bad luck, while other cultures embrace the number as a sign of good fortune and prosperity. Either way, we were just all stoked on the cheap tattoos and the big bosses allowing us to get inked on company time. Some pics of the brave:

The Brothers Lozano, both familiar with the stick of the needle, and one more recently of a scalpel.

Michelle enthusiastically approves, while Russell represents.

Two legends: East Coast rep Nick L. getting a little filler piece, while Mary is experiencing her first tattoo ever. Her face says she’s glad she waited so long.

KVZ flexing her new umbrella-ella-a; Aaron paying respect to his brothers in the US Navy.

Zephan, our brother from Loser Machine rolled through for a little addition, and Cheyne happy with the day.

Cameron can be found most days working under the watchful eye of the infamous Rick Walters in Sunset Beach, CA at World Famous Tattoo Parlor. He is available by appointment via