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Opening Night: Friday March 30th, 6:00-10pm

349 e. 2nd st. Los Angeles, CA 90012

Show casing new works by Benjie and Suedehead, 2 Los Angeles based illustrators and graphic designers. Both are heavily involved in the street wear world, where deadlines are constantly shifting and morphing, and errors, slips and miscommunication are all part of the game, making “technical difficulties” the best go to phrase to keep afloat.

In addition to new art pieces, a limited edition zine dedicated to the art show will be available with artist sketches and references to give a behind the scenes look of the art show.

Opening night will include Complimentary drinks, limited edition product from the artists, and live Djs.

Benjamin Escobar (or just Benjie) is an accomplished commercial artist, better known for his work as Head graphic designer for Los Angeles street wear brand The Hundreds. Taking his work outside the realm of clothing, he has also been exploring the art world with works focusing on fast food and their effects on culture, with an emphasis on pen and ink techniques.

Jose Lopez’ (working under the name Suedehead) is a graphic designer and illustrator who has worked with many street wear brands including Black Scale, Dearly Departed, Us Versus Them, and many more. His personal works are heavily influenced by vintage cartoons and advertisement styles, with counter culture commentary sprinkled throughout.