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Free ground shipping on all orders over $45.

Sunday TeePee Session

80 degrees in January is a perfect excuse to get your board and a 12 pack and go skating. Mike T. our men’s designer built his ramp for a reason and I’m assuming its for days like this. Here are some pics and the people from our Sunday session at the TeePee Ramp.

Jason Farrell pulling off some extreme hand plants

Mike T. pretty impressed

Lance “Cyril” Mountain

Lance Mountain

The flying Dragon Torres – not sure he landed this

Justin Hayward from The Vaccines


Sawyer “coolbeans” Ternosky even got in the mix

So did I, but probably wasn’t a great idea

It was worth it!

Here’s a quick video I cut together for your viewing pleasures #imovieskills

revised from jon furlong on Vimeo.