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shred til you're dead

It’s Friday.. It’s Summer.. It’s Go Skateboarding Day.. and it’s hard to write when you’ve been smokin’ the funny cigarettes, man. In case you were wondering, there’s some rad old school footage in this Canadian short film from 1966 about the early days of skating, Rouli-Roulant. A lot has changed, but the passion and rebellion inside these dudes from over 50 years ago is still there, even under those turtle necks. Check it.


Little step-bros and some buddies of mine are on a 3 month skate trip around Europe right now. They just hitchhiked to Barcelona from Berlin too.. freedom at it’s finest. Here’s a kickflip at the Brandenburg Gates and a wallie up a Soviet statue, Kevin King. (Happy 21st lil bruder)

Berlin, Mitte

Berlin, Treptower Park

b/w photos from Philip Kranwischer


Happy Shredding.