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Shootin' Sh*t With Silke Labson

(Photo Credit: Jack Wagner)

From new beginnings, trial and errors, taking over a boutique in New York City, Silke Labson tells all. We were able to catch up with Labson during our most recent shoot with her (images below) and she was awesome enough to fill us in on who she is, how her name ‘Shown to Scale’ came about, and offer up some advice for those who have always imagined turning their dedications and devotions into a booming business. I’ll let Silke take it from here…

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Since I was a kid, I never liked to do anything the traditional way. When I would go shopping with my Mom at 6, I would make her buy two pairs of Keds in two different colors so I could wear one color on each foot. So, when I was asked to be interviewed by OBEY, I decided I would just write a long blurb about myself. As much as I would love to be asked who my top 5 inspirations for my work are – I had to pass – I just get bored easily. Sooooo, here we go…

For the past year I have been doing photography and styling for a living. And yes, I do both at the same time on the same shoot.

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It was all an accident that this all happened. I took photo classes at community college a long long time ago and then took a hiatus from shooting for almost 8 years. Telling myself that I had to get a real job that would pay the bills instead of shooting babes in cute clothes.

During that photography hiatus, I worked in SF and NY in the big ol’ world of fashion with Betsey Johnson and then Marc Jacobs. In NY I moved on to owning my own store and clothing line – Shown To Scale – which is where my instagram handle derived from. Then, 3 years ago I moved back to California and started my life all over again in my late 20’s.

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Photo & Styling : @showntoscale // HMA: @tksmakeup // Models: @hadenmckenna from @twomanagement and @AnnaSophiaMoltke from @wilhelmina_LA

Even with a badass resume – I started from the bottom. I worked for free on sets. Did bitch work. And hustled 7 days a week. I began attempting to do styling which, I had never done before. That led to me being on photoshoots constantly. And then a camera came back into my hands.

I purchased an Olympus Stylus Epic on eBay and started shooting film for fun. I had only ever learned on film so digital is still a mystery to me. I’m like an old person who just got an iPhone. My first roll of film that I got back made me realize I needed to start shooting again. A photo from that first roll after 8 years was actually featured in Monster Children.



Link to issue:

I also had my first gallery show this year at Known Gallery with OBEY being one of the badass sponsors:

I’m still hustling everyday being my own manager, handling my own accounting and living in an apartment that is more like an office/styling closet than a home. But, I couldn’t really do it any other way. If this is what it takes to be able to take photos and style for a living, then I’ll sleep in between garment racks and store my blocks of cheese next to rolls of film in the fridge. Because those are really the only two things I need to survive. 😉

– Silke Labson

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