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I was first made aware of the West Memphis Three murder case through Henry Rollins’ Rise Above fundraiser CD. I knew wrongful conviction of three teenage boys who wore black was a cause worth learning more about because Rollins is always on the side of due diligence and justice. When I watched the Paradise Lost documentary I was convinced that Damien Echols and his co-defendants were innocent. I donated art to a fundraiser designed to fund DNA tests that could prove their innocence (or confirm their guilt). The evidence in the case had been mishandled and the West Memphis police were reluctant to cooperate and denied the case had been mishandled. DNA evidence finally exonerated the West Memphis Three after 18 years in prison. I can’t imagine losing 18 years in jail for a false conviction, but the West Memphis Three might still be in prison if it were not for the consistent pressure by diligent truth seekers like Henry Rollins and many others. I was incredibly honored to be able to help design the cover for Damien Echols’ book “Life After Death” along with my co-worker Casey Ryder. Check out the book to hear the compelling story from Damien Echols’ perspective.