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Rob Whoriskey : London Studio Visit

I’ve been a long time fan of Rob Whoriskey’s work. I first met Rob when I was 16 and went to his flat in East London to buy a print from him. I was instantly drawn to Rob’s work. The first time I saw it, on a tshirt for an old punk band called Tortuga from my hometown. Rob’s work reminds me of very early Roy Lichtenstein but of course brought into a 21st century context with attitude. Robs work depicts London culture in pop art style. His subjects range from chicken shop logos, images of the band Crass, cigarette butts, pigeons and many more subjects that are icons of London. Apart from interesting personal work he also has an impressive commercial client list including Fred Perry and Doverstreet Market. Will always be a big fan of this guys work. Thanks Rob, London Irish forever. To check out more of his work click here