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To celebrate REVERT 95‘s 20th anniversary OBEY asked artists JOOST SWARTE, FRISO BLANKEVOORT and FLOOR VAN HET NEDEREND to team up with OBEY and make a design honoring Haarlems well known skateshop. As the main theme for this collection, they’ve chosen ‘THE DROSTE-EFFECT.’ The illustrators have given their unique twist to this concept in their familiar style.

Revert95’s 20th anniversary from OBEY CLOTHING on Vimeo.

I’m pretty excited that one of my favorite designers and a relative is involved. Joost Swarte is a Dutch cartoonist and graphic designer. He’s best known for his ‘Clear line’ style of drawing, and in fact coined the term. Swarte is famous for his numerous drawings, stamps, posters, LP covers and for his magazine covers (most noteworthy the New Yorker.)

The second designer who participates is Friso Blankevoort. Friso Blankevoort, known as Freshco, is a lot younger and Reverts 95 in-house illustrator. But his work speaks for itself. Even though the medium keeps changing, the work of the Haarlem based artist is recognizable as soon as you start noticing the simple and two-dimensional aesthetic, the underlying humor and recurring themes.

Last but not least my friend Floor van het Nederend contributed to collection. You may know Floor from his previous Artist-series for OBEY. Floor is an upcoming illustrator based in Amsterdam. He quickly became one of the most recognizable illustrators of Holland with his work that is often compared to Pettibon and Crumb. A look at Floors work gives you an urge to skate.

To lounge this collaboration OBEY and Revert 95 will host a exhibition with work of the three artist in the Lichtfabriek in Haarlem on July 3th.