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This week for our OBEY shop Highlight we wanted to highlight skate enthusiest Daniel Johnston’s shop in Downton Panama City, Florida. Check out his rad spot RELIEF SKATE SUPPLY next time you’re in the area.


133 Harison Ave.

Panama City, FL 32401

Daniel’s History in skateboarding and supporting skateboarders in Panama City Florida dates back to his youth. He was quoted to be “That totally cool little kid coming out to the demo’s and contests wanting autographs and to hang out with the older dudes.” He’s since grown up and applied his love of skating and skate culture to his shop.

Relief has a great team of riders and photographers working with them such as Ant Spears and Kevin Wilson

We asked Daniel Johnston a few questions about his shop and his history in skateboarding:

1) Can you give us a little background on Relief and how it started? Why you picked your location? How did you get into the skate/clothing game? : Just being a skate rat and trying not to grow up yet. I’ve been in the skate game for a while now. Always been a skater and I was previously involved with another shop here in Panama City for over 10 years. I was co-owner and it was time to move on and do it solo. The name of the shop “Relief” kind of came from that situation. The location of the store is on main street in Historic Downtown Panama City, Fl. It’s actually where I stated skating over 20 years ago. Downtown has a lot of character and a unique personality. I’d rather be in this area than the mall or a strip mall. We can basically do what we want and not be told what to do. None of the mall regulations.

2) Talk about you and your family. What your wife does and how her shop is down the street? : Being downtown is also perfect because my family and I actually live in a neighborhood a few blocks away. Plus my wife also owns a salon called “Hue Boutique and Salon” which is also downtown a block away from me.

3) Little history on Panama City? Talk about the history of your building and what it was in the past, your skate background and Panama City history a little bit? : Our building is one of the most original buildings in all of downtown Panama City. It was originally a hardware/army surplus store from the 1930’s and there’s some crazy story that the owner at the time was murdered in the ally behind the building over some backwoods racist stuff that was going on. We still use the original shelves that were in here since the beginning, and we have the original hardwood floors that creek because we also have a basement. We were able to incorporate the buildings originality to our overall theme of our shop layout, and it fits perfectly.

All shop photos were shot by The Kelly’s