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Recap: Slow Culture & Sunday's What a Time to Be Alive Group Show

This collaborative show between two independently-owned and run L.A. art galleries, Sunday and Slow Culture, is meant to instigate honest and open conversation between artists and the community on social issues and current events. With the recent, ever increasing development and reach of social media, fame and awareness are more accessible. Sensations are born on the internet; some become pop stars, some just moments, and others may create movements. The ability to access more information has made a strong impact on the collective practice in the art scene. It is important for individuals, artists, organizations and brands to come together and use whatever established platforms we can access to comment on society and what we can do as a community to comprehensively seek and incite change. What A Time To Be Alive is a critique and celebration of the modern world; solidarity and political platforms through social media, the emergence and importance of contemporary pop culture, the distrust of institutions, and the instigation of meaningful conversation between all people.

Check out a recap of the event below, with photos by Morgan Rindengan.