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I am very excited to announce we will be doing an art show with Jamie Reid, the legendary artist behind the best known graphics of the Sex Pistols. Jamie almost single-handedly shaped the aesthetic of punk rock with his ransom note lettering and iconic graphics for “God Save The Queen”, “Pretty Vacant”, “Anarchy In The UK”, and NEVER MIND THE BOLLOCKS HERE’S THE SEX PISTOLS. The show will represent work from throughout Jamie’s career. Jamie has been one of my biggest influences and I’m honored that we worked on some collaborative images for the show. The new images deal with the timeless problems of corruption and wealth inequality, but tie into the very current themes of Occupy Wall Street and the dead end of fossil fuel consumption. This show should not be missed.

Ragged Kingdom
Work by Jamie Reid

Opening Reception:
Friday, March 16th, 8PM – 11PM

Exhibition Dates:
March 16 – April 14, 2012

Ye of the Plough, Ye of the Bower,
Ye of the Mill and Ye of the Tower,
Ye of the Way and Ye of the Tree,
Ye of the Stars and Ye of the Sea,
Rise Up to the Cry of the Commoners Story
Our Ragged Kingdom – a Kingdom of Glory!

SUBLIMINAL PROJECTS is pleased to announce Ragged Kingdom, the first solo exhibition on the West Coast of work by British artist Jamie Reid.

For nearly four decades, the political convictions and visual narratives of Reid have successfully driven the strength of his presence in art, music, performance, politics, and publications. From his collaboration on the Suburban Press (1971-1975) to his iconic album artwork for the Sex Pistols to his poignant support of movements such as Occupy London, the Criminal Justice Bill and the current environmental crisis, Reid is best known for exposing and protesting modern society’s social and cultural injustices.

Ragged Kingdom brings together a variety of material spanning several decades from the 1970s to the present. The exhibition will include original collage work, drawings, paintings, prints, poster editions, and photographs. The selection demonstrates Reid’s continued dedication to making a statement through art and the political edge he has maintained throughout.
Previously used symbols such as Boudicca, the Oak Leaf, and Delacroix’s Liberty Leading the People are presented in new contexts relating to current issues, whereas recent paintings from the “Eightfold Year” series reflect his later embrace of spirituality and nature. As a result of various parallels in their interests, talents, and inspirations, SUBLIMINAL PROJECTS will also feature a new, collaborative print by Shepard Fairey and Jamie Reid.

Jamie Reid (b. 1947) lives and works in Liverpool, United Kingdom. His work has been exhibited at major institutions such as the Tate Modern, London and MOCA, Los Angeles. He is currently represented by Isis Gallery in London.

1331 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026