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Vivid memories of my childhood running up to glass counters, tiptoeing to catch a glance of the shiny gold and glossy enamel edges, all while leaving fingerprints and fog on the glass. My worst fear was losing them on my hat, the needle breaking off in my backpack, or even kids yanking my shit when I wasn’t looking…PINS. The ultimate visual loyalty to your favorite Band, Sports Team, accomplishment, event, brand or just something you really enjoy looking at. From the old Man playing Chess in the park with Pins embellishing his Paperboy hat, to a Kids denim vest with subtle pins on the collar and pocket flap. Pins express your style, your personality and they may even spark a conversation with that person you have been eyeing across the bar. Recently there has been a large Pin movement on social media and amongst the youth, now people can read your mind to the exact art you fiend for on a Pin, they usually sell them in small runs online for less than $10. Take a trip to Disneyland one of these days and find grown adults trading and geeking over Disney pins to add on colorful lanyards. A lot of fads come and go like Pogs and Slap Bracelets, but Pins will remain relevant forever. The pictures below are from personal collections around the office. After reading this go dig in your collection and start puncturing through fabric, don’t forget the brass backings.

Julie (Men’s Design) through the years has created some OBEY classics, this isn’t even half of her jumbo Ziploc bag of greatness


-Stay trippy