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I recently had the chance to travel to Okinawa, the southernmost prefecture/ island of Japan with beautiful beaches, lush tropical landscapes, and some of the chillest vibes you can experience in this here country. Summer’s about to kick in and I was well prepared for what the island has to offer. Boardshorts, check. Flip flops, check. Sunscreen, check. It turns out that a typhoon was creeping up on the island and there was never a day with sunshine except for the last couple of hours on my way back to the airport… Nevertheless, the lovely people of Okinawa welcomed me with open arms and a great time was had catching up with our retailers on the island.

The first stop was “Harukiya” which is located in Chuo (literally, the “center”) of Okinawa city. The store is on basement floor so it may be a bit difficult to spot but look for this sign that leads you to the secret underground passage.

The owner of the store, Kaku, is a Kawasaki native who’s been familiar with many of the heads that made up the legendary “Dyezu Experiment” crew, and since making his way over to Okinawa, has been a personality within the Okinawan HxCx/ punk scene. The fiend club skull feeling right at home.

Harukiya (春木屋)
4-1-5-B1F Chuo Okinawa Okinawa 904-0004 Japan
〒904-0004 沖縄県沖縄市中央4-1-5-B1F

The next stop was “Chocolate Jesus” who recently relocated to Chatan, an expanding shopping area that has become one of the most popular destinations for recreation in Okinawa. Super clean storefront and instore displays, not to mention they’re located right along the scenic coastline which is always a bonus.

Chocolate Jesus
2-19-8-101 Chatan Chatancho Nakagamigun Okinawa 904-0116 Japan
〒904-0116 沖縄県中頭郡北谷町北谷2-19-8-101

If you’re in the area, go say what up to these guys holding it down for us in Okinawa, and get the scoop on all of the events happening in and around town. Oh, and while you’re at it, grab a tank top or two. Believe me, you’re gonna need some.