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Offprint London. Pop up book fair at Tate Modern

I went with two friends to Offprint London, An independent and self-publisher book fair held in the Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall. A few great friends had stands here including Self Publish Be Happy, Snoar Press and Doomed Gallery. There were 130 stands at Offprint London from 16 different countries. I had so much fun, my inner book nerd came alive. I saw some of the most interesting printing techniques, binding and artwork I’d seen in a long time. I also saw a first pressing of Masahisa Fukase’s Solitude Of The Ravens, my favorite photo book of all time. It was genuinely one of the most exciting experiences I’ve ever had, more exciting than the time I stage dived off an amp (sorry punk rock). Never thought I’d get a chance to see the original of this book in person. My writing doesn’t do the show justice, if you’re still in London go now!! Offprint London ends on the 21st of May.