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OBEY x American Two Shot Get Down

Recently we teamed up with New-York-Favorite Neighborhood Boutique in Soho, American Two Shot for the OBEY Our House Rulez Party. Featured at the event was Brian Blakely from Knickerbocker Mfg. chainstitiching on our Be Nice or Leave Satin Bombers, along with live illustrations with Lily Qian, and ‘Be Nice’ Pins tossed in from our homies at PinTrill.
With dranks provided by our friends at PBR, and throwback hip hop & RnB from DJ Alex Chapman, we got turnt with a ton of locals and friends because we don’t get down with no VIP lists. All were welcome, and all walked out stumbling with a fresh jacket.
If you missed it, you can pretend you were there by photoshopping yourself into our fun party fotoz shot by our photographer and hip bartender at the Fish, Gunner Hughes.

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Lily Qian Gettin Down
Our Girl Brit from PBR lookin fresh.
Custom portraits of our flyer and babes
The maniacs- Shrimp and Rothstein (Sam Rothstein guys, from Casino?)The lovely MarcyStop stopping traffic as usual
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You’re welcome. 🙂
Until next time.