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Free ground shipping on all orders over $45.

OBEY Tattoo Roulette! #1

What do you get when you have 9 people sitting around the office with nothing to do, and one of them so happens to have a tattoo gun and is in need of practice?

The game’s pretty simple. Each person submits 3 drawings the size of a post-it note. The group picks 1 of the 3 collectively and throws it in a hat. Each person then pulls from the hat and the drawing picked goes right on their body. Easy enough? yep. Oh… and there’s one kicker, the tattoo artist just got a gun for X-Mas and has never actually tattoo’d anybody else ever. How exciting…..

Kids, please don’t try this at home or at a buddy’s house or wherever. For the parents out there, we’re on your side!

For the adults that think this a good party idea or whatever, have at it. Tattoo’s only last for the rest of your life.