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The final Roam + FTR duo DJ sets continued in Hong Kong and Shanghai. The first stop we had a few days to chill around the city. I went on a record mission and ended up wandering Kowloon. This is what went down.

In the midst of all bird markets, unknown electronics, and snake soup restaurants I stumbled upon these gems from an 80+ year old woman on a street corner.

Shanghai Nights with the Yeti in the Basement crew… (Yeti photos by: Dace Mihailova)

Happy Birthday to Yeti In The Basement!!

After the journey through Hong Kong and Shanghai, Roam and I went our separate ways. I continued the journey through Seoul, Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo.

Secret hideout in Seoul… this spot has all the rare Korean Psych records playing at all times.

Plastic Kid (360 Sounds)

Introducing latest Project Mooncircle signee, Erik Luebs (aka Magical Mistakes). As my host through Japan/ head of Perfect Touch (JP), he is flawlessly juggles between several hustles, and the energy shows in his recordings and live set. Stay tuned for this one..

We Stopped by Kyoto to visit Ally Mobbs and geeked out on his several home made experimental instruments, controllers and various projects he’s been working on.

Just a few of Mobbs one of a kind custom jams

Much love to everybody that helped plan this tour. We couldn’t do it without the love and support from you and the homies at OBEY Clothing. Stay tuned for the next adventures of OBEY Radio…