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The final night in Toronto marks the end of an seven city mural tour. The tour started out in Los Angeles and took Shepard and his crew all over the states, which included stops in Chicago, Philly and New York. After the continental US of A, they headed over the Atlantic to the land of “The Cognacpumpe” in Berlin and down to “The Bru’s” in Johannesburg.

I was lucky enough to be on a few of the touring cities, soaking up the rays, culture, seeing the sights and meeting some great / freaky people. The last day in Toronto we took a small tour of the city before grabbing dinner with our Canadian peeps and then hitting the Hennessy party at The Tattoo Club. If you’ve missed any of the action so far from Toronto, check it here: Part1 Part2

Here’s some pics from our last day. Lil city, street and murals. Enjoy!


People really LOVE street art. Someone brought out their Tim the Tool Man saw and chopped this piece out.

After walking forever, it was time to eat. Thanks Brown Brown and Chris for the Five course yummy sushi meal and liquor!


Roams feeling it again.

 Back to the streets to hit the Hennessy party where Shepard and Neil Armstrong provided the tunes for the evening.

It was pretty late at this point and a Weeee bit tired, so thats a wrap TORONTO! GOOD NIGHT!