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Last Friday, I joined Shepard and the OBEY Giant crew as we flew out to NYC for a week long of murals, good times and the opening of Shepard’s first solo exhibition since 2010 – ON OUR HANDS – Sept 17th at Jacob Lewis Gallery.

After touching down at JFK, we hopped in the rental car ( they love us renting cars from them ) and jammed through the Holland tunnel to head to the first mural location, set up by MANA Contemporary in Jersey City. I wasn’t expecting it to be that big, but all I can say was wow! Here’s a look at the first day of work and a taste from across the river. More to come, so stay tuned.


quick look of Jersey City


Start of the mural off the holland tunnel. The Kaws piece has been there for 20 + years and will remain there for more years to come.

A look at the 140′ x 37′ mural blue print