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Obey in Málaga part3

The crew and I just got back from Malaga Spain where we painted a 7 story mural by the Contemporary Art Center. D*Face and his boys came through to paint the other 7 story tower of the same building, which was great for camaraderie. I had been to Barcelona in 2006, but never Malaga. I knew there was enthusiasm for street art in Malaga because my friend and street art patron, Selim Verol, did a well received show of his collection at the CAC Malaga that included work by JR, Kaws, Faile, me, and others. However, I could not have anticipated how warmly we would be greeted in Malaga. From the moment we started on the mural there were people hanging out, watching, and waiting for us to come down from the lift to shoot photos and ask for stickers and signatures. The weather was a little chilly and windy, but rain free, so we made pretty fast progress. Nic Bowers, Z Bomit, and Dan Flores have helped on many painted murals now, so we have become an efficient team. Jon Furlong from Obey Clothing was there to shoot photos and video of the action on the big wall and around the city. Since we finished the 7 story wall in three days instead of the allotted five, I was able to do some street art spots around the city and soak in the sights while stickering the desired surfaces. Our hosts Fer and his dad, Fernando, from the CAC were super cool and invited me to head back to the museum for a solo show in 2015. I look forward to that. Thanks to everyone from the CAC who helped make the trip and mural happen. Thanks also to the people of Malaga for giving us such a warm reception!


little view of the mural from around the city

mural complete time to hit the streets

thats a wrap from Málaga