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Obey in Málaga part 2

The main objective as you’ll see from the photos has been nothing but work. Everything has been running smooth, except from being 120 feet in the air and for some reason we brought the wind. There is a lot of positive energy and support from the people in Málaga along with the help from everyone at the CAC Málaga. Enjoy!


DFace and his crew arrived on Monday and are painting the wall next to ours. He came baring gifts!

Shepard and DFace being here is big news and has brought massive amounts of people to see the mural and work in progress.

Even our man Fede from Obey Spain got some camera time. Big time Fede

I’ll end with some street culture and vibe of the city. More to come so stay tuned!

kids from Hostel. I gave them bubble gum, so I was safe