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Woke up to another brisk morning with a wonderful high of 55. My hands a bit frozen while typing this, so Im getting right to it.

Back up they go, trying to finish the mural before all the gallery festivities tomorrow. More info on all that at HERE.

CJ arrived off a 10 hour red eye and it’s straight to work! It’s nice to have a helping hand with all of this stuff, there’s so much to cover on the street.


Officially part of the mural for a few moments.. until it got filled in

Took a quick break to check out the panels on The Belt and to say what up to Pose

Back to the beast

After this shot I finagled my way up on the lift. Just being up on the 4th floor roof was high enough more me, but being up 16 stories wearing a harness that I’m way too small for had my knees buckling. Shepard and the guys had some fun messing with me up top.

I’ll post up more on this with he recap.

Putting the final touches today and it doesn’t stop there, so stay tuned!

Opening for the gallery is tomorrow May 22nd, 6pm – 10pm. Its going to be a blood bath * just kidding. It is going to be something you won’t want to miss, so come on by!

Sam Friedman already claiming his spot for the night.