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OBEY in Asia

Recently the Men’s Design Team including myself, Steven Black (whats up.) went to Hong Kong & Japan for some in$pirational vibes in #fashun, street style, and neighborhood spots to submerge in the culture. That really just means learning the cultural ways of drinking. Being 6’3 in Asia doesn’t really help you fit in too well though.
Check out the photos of the not so professionals touring Hong Kong


Konichiwa Kawaii Time!

(If this seems racist, I got endorsement by the japanese author submitting this under her name)

Without any itinerary or idea of where to go and what to do, we randomly met up with some other weirdos from Brazil who happened to roll with us to some amazing hidden joints in the bright lit city of Tokyo all to find out we had two things in common: looking to vibe out & not knowing what the hell was going on.
Check out the compilation the Brazilians provided and experience Japan in less than two minutes:


Japan trip 2016 from ian p.v. on Vimeo.

Yours Truly,

Steven Sayonara Black