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Berlin = One hell of a trip! I had no idea about how big the Urban Nation project was and how many insane artist we’re going to be working all at the same time. Complete overload on what to cover and basically scrambling trying to document everything. We’re in Malaga at the moment and my weeefee is booty, so bare with me. On my last post, we just finished up the mural and finally had some time to trek around a bit. Here’s a look at the rest of our time in Berlin and the Opening night of “Freedom” ( group exhibition curated by Stolen Space an association with Urban Nation ) If you’re in Berlin at the moment swing by and check everything out in person, something not to be missed.

Another look at all the murals.

Climbed up the train tracks to try and get a better shot, but damn trees suck and then almost died climbing down.

Some of the other artist finishing up their panels for the opening night

The London Police

Miss Van


Shepard, Dface, Yasha had a little panel discussion, speaking on Urban Nation and art in general. Was really interesting to hear.

Little tour of the city and some nice art popping up

Banger from last round. Look good!

Bad boys!!



Swung by the OBEY Germany headquarters real quick.

Now on to the opening

Maya finished just in time!

Finished panels

Fucking long hairs

These two are serious trouble. Dface and Chaz

Elle and Davie and Amanda

Stolen Space ladies – Beth and Eve

Word to Mother drawing for some fans

Did a mini photo shoot with Elle in front of her mural. You’ll be hearing more from her.

Miss Van having some fun on our make shift backdrop

Rabi and Shep

Yasha and Shep

Too many to name, but you get the idea. Unreal to have this many talented people all together just having fun.

Had to get a shot with these two.

Thats about it from Berlin. Thank you Urban Nation crew, Stolen Space crew, Dennis and Nico. This will be a city we’ll never forget.

Next Stop Malaga. Little sneak on whats to come.