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Obey Company Picnic of weirdos

We did an OBEY company picnic at the end of last week. No one knew what to except and 100 degree temperatures threatened to put the posse in a bad mood. Luckily everyone rallied and the day turned out to be an epic one.

DIY team jerzies were in effect. They really let us express our individuality over here and allowed us to use as many pieces of flare as we’d like. Some teams thought the bare minimum was sufficient while other’s looked like rainbow unicorns dropping leprechaun gold coins from acid clouds.

Whether short shorts, no shorts or a diaper, we don’t discriminate.

This relay ended in disaster with Ollie beefing it while coming across the bridge. Small injury compared to Kelly’s broken wrist and elbow on the obstacle course.

Yeah, we know it’s gross.

I think every contestant threw up a little during the pie eating contest.

Winner, winner chicken dinner!

And nothing wrap’s up the day better than tossing a pie in the ref’s face. I don’t think I’m gonna get paid this week now.