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We just launched our new OBEY Awareness project with Urban Roots. We are raising funds in support of a call to action that creates farms within schools in urban areas. These farms are used not only to grow food but to educate as well. Since funding for this type of project was not previously available, Tree Media Foundation partnered with the Green Schoolhouse- a Los Angeles-based school garden consulting and design company. Together they created a pilot program to build school farms called “Field of Dreams”. The Field of Dreams farms function as an outdoor classroom where high school students learn the sustainable practices of planting, composting and water conservation to grow food with the highest organic and nutritional value. Each school will experience the growth cycle from seed, to harvest, to table. The goal of the project is for students to bring home the message that growing your own food is a simple and vital process.

By purchasing this item you are directly supporting the OBEY AWARENESS program. We launched OBEY AWARENESS to educate the posse and generate funding for causes that we are involved in. OBEY AWARENESS is unique in that it will constantly evolve to support emerging, important issues. All profits generated from the sale of the Obey product completely support these causes. We encourage you to check out the upcoming new styles, stay involved, learn more and make a difference. Stay up!