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Night boats N hoes

Sat in traffic for about an hour on the way home from work last night. Finally made it home, ate some pizza, slammed a beer then I packed up my gear, grabbed some more beers and hit the road to do some night shooting down by the marina...

as I was taking this shot, I saw a little pepe la pew fucker running around the parking lot behind me so I thought, hey lets try and get all nat geo and get some Shunk shots.. Didnt turn out how I planned!! I chased him around bushes, cars, trees, everywhere! There were people leaving the restaurant looking at me like im some crazy loony bin chasing a shunk around trying to get a photo at 10pm hahahha… I finally got him cornered and was going in for the shot and that little shit turned and sprayed!!.. I was lucky enough to turn just a bit, so I only got hit a tiny bit on my elbow. After all that and I still wasn’t able to get a decent photo of him! at least it was fun!

lil bastard

get ya next time!!