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Nice to Meet You

Hi guys, I’m Meghann and I’m an Illustrator living and working in Brooklyn, NY. I’m here because I’m working on an artist series for Obey coming out next year. I can’t show you the series yet, but hopefully I can keep you entertained in the meantime with some of my other work.

Lately I work in mostly ink and watercolor. I’ll start off with the classic self portrait of my own laziness.

I also like to embroider stuff…

This is my favorite piece, an entirely hand painted skateboard for my last project at Parsons.

I went to LA this past summer and a lot of my recent work was really inspired by that trip; the Beverly Hills Hotel, neon signs, Palm Springs in the 60’s…I think it helps me forget that its 20 degrees in New York right now.

If you want to see more of my work check out my website, I also keep a personal blog of all my work and inspiration. You can also follow me on Instagram @meghannfinley.