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We wanted to take some time to highlight some of the great shops out there that have supported OBEY for so long and are doing interesting things in their parts of the country or the world. There are great independent retailers out there, many of which are cultivating trends before they hit the larger market. It’s so important for our brand and our retailers to constantly be evolving. We all have so much love for the industry we work in and the common goal of pushing the industry forward. Enough jibba jabba, today’s spotlight is on NEED SUPPLY CO in Richmond, VA.

A little History on Need Supply Co:
Chris Bossola opened in 1996, selling a unique collection of vintage pieces. As a Richmond based boutique we incorporate the culture and style of the city into our mix and attitude. Over the past decade our selection has evolved to become a well-edited assortment of contemporary designers and independent labels from the U.S. and abroad.

address: 3100 West Cary Street
Richmond, Virginia 23221
P: 804.767.1825

They have sold OBEY for the past 8 years continuing to grow the business together and always pulling from the more fashion side of the collection.

Interview with Gabriel Ricioppo, Creative Director of Need Supply Co.~

What are you into right now? Music? Movies? Clothing? Design? Anything?
Finishing the spring edition of Human Being Journal, our bi-annual in house magazine. It’s a pretty good follow up to our first one, and has amounted to a sizable undertaking. We’ve pushed the page count, features and anything else we could think of. Design is always on my mind, so much that I don’t sleep well anymore, but I like to think it’s a side affect of caring too much. The only time I watch movies now are when I’m flying. We do a lot of traveling this time of year, and I was fortunate to get abroad a couple of times. Although it’s exciting that it was filmed in Richmond, I don’t recommend watching “Lincoln” on a plane; The lighting is too dark and put me to sleep. We featured Kai Neville in this journal, so I watched all of his surf videos and worked on interesting interview questions. Judging by the soundtrack of his movies, I would say he has great taste in music and would let him make a playlist for me any time.

How is Richmond in the Spring?
It’s the best time of year here. Richmond is a small city, very manageable on a bike, so you can really take advantage of the great weather. The whole place comes to life when it gets warm and everything is in bloom. We just installed a skylight in the studio, so hopefully I can see the great weather I’ll be missing while I’m at work.

What is your favorite place to travel?
My mother lives in Holland and I’ve been several times over the last twenty years. It’s always a fun visit and feels like a second home, in some odd way. Plus the fries are some of the best. They put odd sauces on them and I kind of like that.

Favorite City?
I think NYC is one of the best in the world. I’ve been there more than anywhere else, so my vague knowledge of the city is probably better than any other place I’ve been. A side note would be Copenhagen. My wife and I were there in January for their fashion week, and it’s a great city, although everyone said we have to come back in the summer. I can’t argue with that, and it’s a good excuse to go back.

Favorite Restaurant?
I have a few places in town I really like and a few spots around the world I would return to, given the opportunity. It’s a hard one to answer because so much of a great meal is dependent on the company and experience. I love sharing a meal with good friends, it’s something I often go on about. A very basic experience, but a necessity for everyone. If you’re ever in Richmond you should try Mamma Zu, they do incredibly authentic Italian in a very unassuming space. Or you can always just walk around the corner from our store and eat a great burger and fries at Can Can. They also have some nice things to wash it down.