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ATP and Givens are proud to present the world premiere of
14 Henrietta St, Covent Garden WC2H / Launch event November 21st : 20.00 – 22.00
Open November 21st 2014 – January 18th 2015 (Detailed times to follow)

A photographic exhibition of energy, attitude and rebellion – in conjunction with the release of My Ryle the book, published by Rozzoli International.

Glen E. Friedman has been described as one of the most important photographers of his generation.

Think of iconic images of Run DMC, Black Flag, LL Cool J, Minor Threat, Public Enemy, and Beastie Boys, or the gravity defying, revolutionary skateboarding of Tony Alva, Jay Adams, or Stacy Peralta – It is almost certain that Glen E. Friedman was the man behind the camera.

Friedman’s photographs are rich in action and intensity and have stood the test of time – many have become the definitive portraits for their subjects. Since the mid-1970s as a young teenager, Friedman has been chronicling quintessential subjects in underground and counterculture movements like no other. Capturing the pivotal and defining moments in music and street movements that were largely unknown or ignored by the mainstream.

Friedman’s My Rules serves as a testament of integrity for the three powerhouse countercultures of skateboarding, punk, and hip-hop. The energy and rebellion shine through – the accompanying book by Rizzoli features over 300 images; it is Friedman’s 7th published monograph.

This exhibition comprises of over 50 colour + black and white fine art photographic prints – many of which have never been exhibited before. Classic images from Friedman’s last UK exhibition at the ICA in 1997 are also included, now printed larger and better than before. After the premiere in London, the My Rules exhibition will continue to tour worldwide.

For the Rizzoli book, Friedman reached out to some of his subjects to get in their own words what it was like to be at the crux of these cultural movements; these exclusive, often revealing words serve as an education and inspiration. My Rules is not only a remarkable chronicle of beautiful images and a primer about the origins of three radical street cultures recognized worldwide; it is also an artistic statement of inspiration for generations to follow.

The exhibition will include audio installations from Ice-T, Ian MacKaye, Alan “Ollie” Gelfand and an unreleased audio interview between Jay Adams and Glen E. Friedman. This interview formed the basis of Jay’s essay in the book, and was one of the last extensive interviews he gave before his untimely death in August this year.

The exhibition will also play host to a selection of curated films by Glen E. Friedman & there will be Q&A sessions throughout the opening weekend – more details to follow.

14 Henrietta St, is a building steeped in publishing history, being previously inhabited by Victor Gollancz, a British publisher and humanitarian (publisher of George Orwell’s Down and Out in Paris and London and Franz Kafka’s,The Trial) who also ran his business from the premises.