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Leading off from my last post – The weather gods we’re kind to us and had nothing but sun on day 2 for the Ebor mural. People seem to catch wind that we’re around as the crowds and flockers grew throughout the day. Shep being Shep always has time for his fans.

first mural faw- done & done!!! heres the end result

headed back to Stolenspace to work on more of the record gallery portion of the show, but on the way we ( I ) did a little site seeing of other great street artists – Vhils

Conor Harrington

And of course a little of our own action from the previous night.

set up has begun

finished up at the gallery and we had a nice english dinner, thanks to the Stolen Space crew.

Another day has begun and the crew is right back at it.

The truman brewery mural is under way

It starting raining AGAIN, so we had to delay until morning (example below)
next morning was probably the warmest day so far, which was good cause it let the crew work pretty quick

Just about done. In the mean time – another VERY VERY expensive truck

ran out of space so we had to use this fancy place to stretch some of the canvas ( opening next Thursday 10/18/12)

our man in the UK – Simon will be running the shop, say hello!

While the crew was finishing up the Truman mural, I took advantage of the good old sun and did a little walk about


I’ll end on a good note… Until next time