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Life Of Leisure: Innovative Leisure Pop Up Shop

My main dudes at Innovative Leisure have taken over a space at the Urban Outfitter’s Space 1520 in Hollywood, CA. First off, not only is this fun for adults but my 7 year nephew pretty much lost his mind sampling all the electronics they have to offer. We always knew he wouldn’t be an athlete but I think we’re pretty sure he finally found his musical calling. Let’s just hope mind altering drugs won’t be part of that future music experimentation. But who am I to judge his journey?

Anyway, back to the pop-up. If you aren’t familiar with Innovative Leisure you should get to know them and thanks to a little thing called the internet you can do that as easy as pie! Owned by 3 righteous dudes, Jamie Strong, Nate Nelson and Hanni El Khatib, Innovative Leisure offers an eclectic lineup from BadBadNotGood to the Classixx to Nosaj Thing toBass Drum Of Death to De Lux to Hanni himself and a hell of a lot more.

Also featured and selling their wares at the pop up are some friends of the label like Han Cholo Jewelry and Parra.

Pop-Up is popping off until April 30 at Space 1520, 1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd.



“Mmm… this Knun Narin x Brain Dead T looks tasty” says Jalan and Jabril. Don’t miss the special mixtape Gaslamp Killer did for the release. You get it free when you buy the T!



The fine jewelry of Han Cholo. You can smoke weed out of the one in the back… or so I’ve been told.


Some real ass releases Innovative Leisure has put out.


Some knuckleheads, nothing to see here.


Curator and cofounder of IL, Jamie Strong.


More suspect guests.


Zines… thank you Kanye for teaching me how to pronounce them. Looks like someone’s gonna cop that Eric Elms jump off. Nice choice!


Parra time!

Have you seen em? Deans Nuts! Fine IL merch by the magnificent Jeremy Dean. See you at the Jersey Shore this Summer Jeremy.


This is my nephew he’s seen the other side after his visit to the shop.