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Free ground shipping on all orders over $45.


We unloaded the Truck full of boxes on a humid Saturday afternoon accompanied with a slight drizzle of rain. The walls at Max Fish were shiny, full of colorful hand painted leafs and the Bar was fully stocked anticipating the rush of the Youth. Our Group Art Show LAX–JFK was nothing short of epic, a lot of interesting and beautiful people came to enjoy and purchase our Art. My head is still spinning from the positive turnout and the amount of Jagermeister I consumed over our trip to the Big Apple. Here are plenty of Photos Andrew Mercier and I took for you all to experience. Huge shoutout to Cj, DJ Japancakes and Andrew Mercier for making this entire trip possible. Look out for more content from our trip to follow shortly.

-Aaron Del Rosario


Video by: CJ Parel