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photos by David Havrony

My gypsy brothers are back at it again!

For a limited time only, Kartel is bringing the essence of the Haifa scene to Tel Aviv. From its first incarnation in an old hangar in Haifa’s port, Kartel quickly became known for its unique mix of art and music, with live shows and flash exhibitions from homegrown and international names: Visual artists such as Lush, Horfee, Finsta, Know Hope, Broken Fingaz, alongside musicians such as Adrian Younge, Free the Robots and Kutmah.

Now, the Haifa crew have opened a new spot in a former slaughterhouse in Tel Aviv, in the middle of the historic Shuk Ha’Carmel, Kerem neighbourhood.

The building has been completely transformed inside and out by the Broken Fingaz crew who have painted every inch with a Caribbean acid aesthetic.

As well as a bar, food and gallery, Kartel will host a different DJs and live acts every night, Saturday to Thursday, with a noon party on Fridays til 5pm.

Hit me up if you want to uber pool to Tel Aviv.