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Last week I met up with the Haifa gypsy homies – Ghostown Crew aka Broken Fingaz aka TANT / DESO / KIP / UNGA / SHAI. I met this artist collective in their hometown last year when I was traveling through Israel, working on a side project. Recently they spent two solid months in India absorbing the culture, opening their pineal glands and generating new works for their upcoming show, Journey Galactiko at the Howard Griffin Gallery in LA.

Journey Galactiko centres around a large 150 cubic metre temple presented in the middle of the gallery space. This monolithic structure constructed of wood and found materials will be the context for an exploration of the universal pervasiveness of the image, through Broken Fingaz’ unique graphic style and imagery. The concepts presented in Journey Galactiko are the product of several months of travelling and working across India, during which time Broken Fingaz absorbed and assimilated myriad cultural influences that permeate every aspect of their widespread artistic output.

I can’t show you pics of the temple, you’re just gonna have to roll through the gallery and see it yourself. Details and a small preview below.

Howard Griffin Gallery Los Angeles
410 Spring St. Downtown Los Angeles
Opening night – Tomorrow June 20, 7PM
*Special Guest DJ: Gaslamp Killer*

Phil Nisco & his amazing beard.

The last unsold copy of the Alchemist Israeli Salad limited edition avocado vinyl, designed by UNGA. If you didn’t get this release, you probably never will.. but it’s ok. I’m sure you can download it illegally somewhere on the interwebz (not saying you should).

A little sneak peak of all the smaller works before they’re off to the framer.

Tomorrow night 50+ new works will be on display in and around the temple.


JOURNEY GALACTIKO from Broken Fingaz on Vimeo.