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Illuminati AMS

I met Nianga Niang and Naleye Junior a few years ago at a café in New York and was instantly drawn to their energy. Besides their obvious good looks, these kids are seriously talented, doing all the things other people just talk about: merging music, performance, fashion and art. Hanging out with them is always a trip. I stopped by Nianga’s cute 5th floor walk-up in Soho the other day and she showed me some ideas for the Illuminati jewelry collection she is currently working on. Naleye was busy going through boxes of new T-shirts he had just printed up with their iconic bold logo while their latest Lighterman remix was blasting through the apartment.

The two of them make one half of the Amsterdam-based producer and DJ collective, Illuminati AMS. The remaining members are DJ Jaziah and Demikey, and together they are planning to enchant the world with eclectic and mysterious beats.


If you are in New York this Thursday you should stop by Southside, where Illuminati AMS will be playing from 11pm to 4am. Details are below:

For a little taste listen to the lastest Mix TRANGA:

What I am trying to say is: keep your ears peeled, you will be hearing a lot more from these guys. And in the meantime stay updated via their blog, twitter and soundcloud:

See you on tomorrow!