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Free ground shipping on all orders over $45.


Last Friday we had over 100 people in attendance for “I KNOW HER” live at Open House Creative in Costa Mesa CA. My main goal for this Show was to incorporate a diverse selection of Artists, that I am proud to call my Friends. The theme was Women, utilizing colors and textures to express a vision directly to the Gallery audience. All Artists created original work with limited Prints sold at opening night, the energy was nothing less than positive. As anticipated we ran out out Beer before the event ended, but the floors were filled with conversations, hugs, smiles and selfies. ROTU SR kept the Crowd moving throughout the entire night, with live beat production by numerous Producers of the Music Collective lead by Mr. ROTU. DJ Roams brought a smooth transition at the peak of the night, commanding a crowd of bobbing heads. Teflon Visuals brought an addictive show played on a vintage VHS player. A huge thanks to Open House Creative, Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer and Sandwich Slayer.

Kurt Bartending

The Sandwich Slayer


Brent Larson

CJ Parel

Yudo Kurita


Justin Black

Allek G.

Myke Marts

Damin Lujan

Jeffrey Tang


Teflon Visuals visually stimulating the walls all night


Photos courtesy of Andrew Lee & Myself

-Stay evolving