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Last night on the streets of West Hollywood at our neighborhood friendly pub, Molly Malones, shit got weird at the HUF x OBEY collab launch party. If you had trouble getting in, it was because the RSVP link went public and we were too drunk to regulate. This isn’t the first time. Thankfully we’re not cool enough or swagged out in Vetements with an ego so we pulled ya in if we stumbled outside. We don’t discriminate. You’re welcome.
From the classics with Shepard spinning, The Shrine tearing shit up on stage, the jams we danced out to with DJ Haycock, and finally topping off the night with smooth jazz from our very own DJ Pubes- everyone. got. destroyed.
Good Crowd + Good Music = bad decisions & forgotten credit cards.
You may have seen our photographer, Mr. Jon Furlong (surprisingly not in a cutoff tank top) cruising around snapping photos of everyone in unflattering poses and slowly finding themselves in the shame portal. The wreckage was real, but hey, at least we had a good time. Check out the babes, the music, and the serious death metal hairdos below (I’m working on mine).
Start of the night, shot glass empty, 2083932 more to come.
Mega babes Olivia Jaffe & Dani making our crowd of dirtbags look pretty classy
Who is that dude in the leopard hat. Is that a hat? And can we talk about how his patch matches his face? He rulez.
Shepard Fairey spinning some Jamz.VibEzZzNo fucks given- Morgan & Josephine #EmonightlA
Seriously, the best smiles I’ve ever seen.
The Men that helped start this riot ages ago. When there was a time that people actually had talent and fundamental roots in starting a brand. Bye!Preach.
Buttoned up, on a Wednesday. DJ Pube$ ladiiiessss,
She’s having the best time of her life. I just couldn’t keep up with her.
I don’t know about you, but when I look at this, I feel special.
For more of our posse & partying, you can see view the rest here!