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For the past 6 months, all of your Facebook posts, Twitter feeds, Instagram comments, and Fan mail (or the letter rubber-banded to that rock you threw through our office window) asked only one question… “When’s the next sale?” Another crazy fun fact is that some people tend to hide the “When’s the next sale?” question within some other subject, subliminally. Here are a few examples.. “Great post, definitely feeling that… hmm.. uhh… so the sale is when?” or “Hey Guys, really love the brand… would love you even more if I knew the date of the sale.” or “Sorry I was out doing good deeds in the world, missed your post… I Saved Another Leopard Egg!!!”

For those who have been patiently waiting for us to release a date for the holiday sale.. we dedicate this to you <3<3<3

Address: 17462 Von Karman Ave, Irvine CA 92614

Saturday Dec 17th (8a-6p) // Sunday Dec 18th (8a-3p)

Help support “Toys for Tots” (first 500 mutants with an unwrapped toy will get a free OBEY Beanie)

Remember, no street parking / no camping / no bags / no bagpacks / no obey to be worn / all sales final

yes on good attitudes / yes on having a balance in your bank account greater than $0 / yes on bringing fine lady friends / yes you will get dirty from digging

More info soon!!!