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Hetty Douglas: London Painter

In my opinion, Hetty Douglas is one of the most interesting painters in London right now. Her work consists of bright bold colors, in an abstract expressionist style. Occasionally her work includes provocative text such as “sorry for treating you like shit & 4 fingering your best m8”. I visited Hetty’s studio in central London to check out where she makes her vibrant paintings.



Hetty Douglas makes work that represents her experiences as a woman who both subverts and celebrates the complexities of ʻrelationshipsʼ -her work explores a stereotypical use of colour and text to suggest a temporality of superficial relationships and sexuality.



The flippant and challenging textual content of this work however, obscure a hidden, deeply personal response to past and present relationships.

Hetty Douglas seeks to explore the complexities of sexual boundaries, trust and the multi layering of an unspoken intimacy steered by the masculine/feminine truths that inform her life and work.


thanks for having me Hetty, please visit her website to see more work: