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Heir gets Lethal

Thank god I have insomnia and squirrel curiosities because otherwise I wouldn’t have found this flyer.

As a long time fan and cult follower of Brooklyn artist and visionary, Alexander Heir of Death Traitors, I choked on my cough drop when I came across his pop-up with Lethal Amounts Gallery in Los Angeles. Prior to most micro-brands starting, Heir has been a long time king of utilizing subculture and the underground to create an artistic style that has since been mocked and duplicated by various commercial brands today b/c “punk is trending.”
Mad respect for an OG in the shadows, Heir has maintained a vast audience, and remains behind the scenes while creating absolute gold in his artwork and various collaborative projects.

This was my first time at Lethal Amounts Gallery in Los Angeles, where I was given the pleasure to get acquainted with Danny Fuentes, owner and operator of the beautiful space built on punk, goth, and counter culture built from the underground for over 4 years. Showcasing various mediums from photography, art, as well as objects, Lethal Amounts might be one of the coolest spaces I’ve been to in a long time. Right next to Terragram Ballroom down the street from the hood playas hustling around the corner, Lethal Amounts has various exhibits that you’d be dumb not to check out. Also, the skate shop next door? Guess what? That’s his too.
For more info on Lethal Amounts and their amazing lineup including Bruce LaBruce who is being showcased now along with Heir, don’t be dumb, go check it out:
Lethal Amounts Gallery
1226 West 7th st
Los Angeles, CA 90017
Alexander Heir will be showcased until August 29th, I strongly suggest you go if you have any appreciation for the authentic artists who continue to progress forward and collaborate with amazing people and partners, not for extrinsic motivation, but for integrity and purpose.
Lethal Amounts Website
Death Traitors