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Free ground shipping on all orders over $45.


OBEY Clothing’s C.F.O. and new baby daddy, Adam Van B not only loves his 200 button calculator with the extra wide paper roll dispenser, he loves nature. With the recent Bee Hive discovery at the new office, he pounced (like a kitty kaat) on the opportunity to safely remove them off the property and use them for this weekend’s bee meat bbq extravaganza.

The man with the plan, master beekeeper Bill Walter oversaw the operation and was kind enough to let Adam get an assist on the rescue. If you have bees ditch the exterminator and give this guy a call, he will properly rescue and relocate them to a safe area. Or better yet adopt a hive and put them in your backyard if you have the room. Check out his full range of bee related services at or contact him at 949-939-3296

 This guy.