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Hard Times


Tom Explores Los Angeles” ventures into decaying, forgotten corners of Los Angeles in hopes of figuring out the future of Los Angeles by understanding its past. His most recent video, “Breaking Out Of Lincoln Heights Jail” explores the same abandoned jail as we did in the below post, except, his has an unexpected twist at the end that I’m pretty damn stoked to say the least didn’t happen to us. Watch the video as Tom shows us it was a lot easier getting in than it was getting out…


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As Walter Yetman aka harshtruthofthecameraeye describes it, urban exploration is a term meaning “the exploration and photography of abandoned spaces.” This can include anything from entering abandoned public property or not so public property that has been out of use for decades. Yetman has been documenting these types of places for the better part of his adult life, having lived in Oakland for the past 10 years and now Long Beach for the past few years—which both of these locations have a vast amount of these types of spaces just begging to be documented and explored.

Lincoln Heights Jail is a reportedly haunted former jail building in the Lincoln Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. It closed in 1965. In 1951, the unprovoked beating of seven prisoners occurred in the prison on what came to be known as “Bloody Christmas”. The novel L.A. Confidential and subsequent film, part of which was filmed there, was inspired by the incident.

Last Weekend, we took it upon ourselves to, let’s say, give ourselves a tour of the jail. In case you’re too worried about the haunted factor, or maybe the trespassing factor, or maybe even the possibility of cutting yourself on some rusted fence that you have to crawl through to get in factor, here’s a photo recap of our Sunday morning adventure.

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( arm belongs to : James Hrycyk aka Chasingpaint )

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