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Gung Ho in Detroit

This Friday I’m heading to meet up with Shepard and the Obey Giant crew in Detroit Rock City! Bags unpacked, camera equipment scattered, and nowhere near being prepared whatsoever. At the same time, this is how we roll! Besides that, I’m super pumped for the trip and ready to eat some coney dogs and reminisce on sports hero’s of mine, which I’m pretty sure everyone I’m traveling with can give two shits about. Anyways, Shepard will is having an exhibition at Library Street Collective for his on contiuous series “Printed Matters”. Along with the exhibition Shepard will be doing his largest mural to date at an undisclosed location in downtown Detroit. Click HERE for all the info. This is going to be a pretty wild trip and its just the beginning as we’re heading to Europe next month. I’ll be blogging as much as I can, so check back!

I’ll leave you with some clips from one of my favorite movies which happens to take place in Detroit.